The first illustrated no-nonsense book for anyone who wants to create a winning brand – without drowning in theory.

Non-fiction book of the month December 2015 in the UK
Bestseller in the Netherlands | #45 out of 28.000 books | #4 in marketing | #1 in branding




  • Simplicity is key and this book demonstrates that perfectly. An engaging and easy read which every marketeer should have a copy of. Thank you for creating something which can be easily understood and put into practice.

    Sabrina Ahmed
    Sabrina Ahmed Brand Manager– Tesco UK General Merchandise
  • In an era when time-starved Millennials are running their start-ups or taking key positions in well-established companies, they are in need of clear, clever and creative advice to build a winning brand. This is exactly what 'The only brand book you will ever need' offers.

    Chryssa Skodra
    Chryssa Skodra PR Extraordinaire & Digital Storyteller at PR Lounge
  • A small book with a big idea. It distils worlds of wisdom and invaluable knowledge into a compact and fun to read form. A must read for any start-up crew and not a bad refresher for more mature organizations either.

    Matias Myllyrinne
    Matias Myllyrinne CEO, Remedy Entertainment (creators of Max Payne)
  • A superb job of simplifying the complex and misunderstood world of how to brand your business.  If you are looking for a no nonsense guide on how to build a brand as you build your business this book is definitely for you.

    Keith Pardy
    Keith Pardy Investor & Consultant, former CMO & Head of Brand at Coca-Cola, Nokia, BlackBerry
  • Consultants make things always difficult. Fortunately, the authors do not. This practical book shows that making brands can be easy, but also that a mistake can be made quickly.

    Marc van Eck
    Marc van Eck Partner, Business Openers
  • 'This book makes it practical. For me it worked so, that while reading I was translating everything to the webshop already.  I have certainly had a lot of use for the book and the title lives up to the promise! "

    Marisca Kenter- van der Zwaan
    Marisca Kenter- van der Zwaan Fashionable working mom with a web shop, job and two blogs
  • A crash course of practical advice that leaves an impression on creating a brand with your target customers. Michiel and Liisa have the experience and authority to explain the principles and practice for anybody who is serious about creating a brand.

    Anssi Vanjoki
    Anssi Vanjoki Professor, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Individual Multicontributor
  • 'With help of striking illustrations and a pleasant writing style the book reads nicely. The writers are able to avoid difficult / boring theory. Through catchy examples and clear frameworks you can work on your business. It is truly the only book you need.'

    Richard van Delft
    Richard van Delft Founder G-Workplace
  • Branding is a tool to create long term value for a product or IP. This book tells how to do the trick. A must read for all the game developers also.

    KooPee Hiltunen
    KooPee Hiltunen Director, Neogames Finland Association
  • This book really helps business owners to focus on how consumers will perceive their brand and contains key actions which we started implementing straight away. Invaluable!

    Holly Grainger
    Holly Grainger Founder, scooTow Ltd
  • Just what I needed! Thanks for providing such a terrific book. I was really impressed with the content, it was very easy to understand and I was able to apply the suggestions immediately without having to hire an expensive advertising firm. Highly recommended to new or established businesses, the best dollars I've invested!

    Trisha Fulton, Start up Founder
    Trisha Fulton, Start up Founder Comfort Short Stay and HOST2GO
  • Greetings from Cape Town! I have just read your wonderful book and I am sooo thrilled and impressed! Wonderfully focused. Very simple, yet brilliant. Simplicity is very hard to create. Love the illustrations. I am also inspired by it! Thank you. It has opened a door filled with light.

    Kiki Theo
    Kiki Theo Kiki Theo Wealth Works Institute


  • Michiel Maandag
    Michiel Maandag

    Michiel Maandag is an international brand advisor, coach and author.

    While coaching & training start-ups and small businesses, he realized that creating brands that people love is not talked about in the lean start-up world. His ambition is to change that.

    Based on his experience working with global brands and international marketing, Michiel has invented unique and highly effective methods to help create winning brands. This, and his passion to make the complex simple, has directly led to the ideas in The only book on branding you will ever need.

    Michiel is Dutch and lives with his Finnish wife and daughter  in the Netherlands.

  • Liisa Puolakka
    Liisa Puolakka

    Liisa Puolakka is a director of design research and strategy at ChauhanStudio.

    When Michiel Maandag, a colleague during her time as the head of Nokia’s global brand identity, got in touch to suggest writing a book together, she jumped at the opportunity. She is allergic to brand jargon and driven to find a different, unique angle to all things – like this no-nonsense brand book.

    She believes every brand born out of someone’s earnest passion deserves to start from the best possible foundation and have a chance of success.

    Her next big goal is to launch a baby toy brand that meticulously follows all the guidance of The only book on branding you will ever need.

    Liisa is Finnish and lives in London with her husband and two children.

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